If Facebook Were Real Life: Like

3 Jun

Recently, WordPress introduced a new “Like” system. Maybe WordPress is subconsciously becoming the new Facebook, and will soon change its name to “Facepress.” I could be wrong about that, but I’m sure that in the future there will be a Facepress, whether its 1) a Facebook-Wordpress merger, 2) a new torture device, or 3) a new method of plastic surgery for those with overly-bulgy faces.


Look What I Found!

3 Jun

I looked at Freshly Pressed last week or so, and I saw this. Yup, another comics/cartoon/prettydrawingfuntime comic. First, I started to look at the negative: I’m less unique. Then, I looked at the positive: I’m less alone. But I’m still a little confused. Do I have a rival now? How do I ask someone to be my rival without sounding totally awkward and socially inept? Well, I’m just going to draw my cute little comics and maybe this whole “rival” thing will start on its own. I’m pretty sure that’s how YouTube and Facebook wars start: just publicly express your opinions and someone is bound to hate on you.

Blind Spot I knew this would happen. People want to know what the Braille writing says in the middle panel. Simple: "Welcome to my cartoon". Or maybe, "Who ate my friggin' sandwich". Not exactly sure, I'm not that good at this. … Read More

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If Facebook Were Real Life: Chat

30 May

I’m pretty sure this kind of thing happens to everybody with a facebook account, but some people take it a little too seriously. Sometimes I feel that if I don’t reply within the next 30 seconds, the person I’m chatting with is going to get really sad. You really can’t physically see the person you’re chatting with, so it’s hard to tell if they left to get a little snack or if they are deliberately ignoring you. All people really have to go by these days are a bunch of brb’s and g2g’s.

The Comic That’ll Probably Make Me Almost Somewhat Considerably Famous (Around my School, though.)

28 Apr

The story behind this comic goes like this: Last Friday, approximately 45 of us dear sophomores at my school stayed here while the rest of our class (which includes a certain movie reviewer in my blogroll) got to go to the zoo. Having sulked for a good 30 minutes or so, a certain English teacher of mine (who is also located in my blogroll) cheered us up with some slightly educational videos of zoo attacks. On a less violent note, I am so happy that I have posted a comic and not another typing parade!

You Guys Better Not Say I Didn’t Try

24 Apr

I know. I’m typing too much on here, so much that this is losing its street cred as a comics blog. Scanner isn’t working for today’s comic, so I’m going to try again tomorrow.

I’ll Probably be Almost Somewhat Considerably Famous (Around my School, though.)

23 Apr

I was talking to my English teacher/Journalism Club Moderator and he said that I should send him some scans of my comics so he might be able to put them in the newspaper. So exciting! Well, I’m typing way too much on this blog o’ mine, so I’m going to get my hands off of the keyboard and onto a pencil. New comic tomorrow. Bye!

Secret Sneak Preview

2 Mar

I recently wrote a poem for my class’s Written in My Soul Project. I am planning on making ¬†this poem into an animated short, and since I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to post it on my blog as a little¬†storyboard/script/insertmorecooljargonhere/you get the point.

So if you want to get your socks/stockings/footwear/cozy apparel knocked off, then you should most definitely CLICK HERE